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Vacation Photo Album

Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

In 1964 my vacation at Block Island (Rode Island),and  several trips to Bear mountain (New York) ,and Central Park (New York) with my Danish blue-eyed blonde girl friend Birgitt Kausche !

Always Summer was the vacation season for me when the skies are clear and Sun dominates the winds power,"lightening our  senses".

Lava Lamp, Bubbling

In life we interact as the atoms and molecules do in organization of matter,keeping  laws of nature intact. 


Vastness of skies,and dominance of  bouncing oceans on  the bosom of  planet earth illustrates laws of nature are absolute truth!

Daisy, Spinning

like the planet earth our lives rotate,inducing resilience of nature,changeabilities,and confinement to biological clocks,rythems and cycles!